driving is so dangerous ur literally controlling a giant metal contraption with a circle and some foot buttons


*knits myself a thong*


Freshman year:


Senior Year:


Fourth of July: early morn

I told him I was going to go ahead on home. I didn’t know whether to stay and go back in or to just leave so I waited, then I left his house. On my way home I ran a red light and I feel so terrible. I should have stayed. Now I’m being confusing. I can’t do anything right after my anti depressant wears off. I’ve cried multiple times tonight just to remember how this depression thing works. I can barely function like this. I want to sleep so I can wake up and forget all these feelings but I’m too sad to sleep

It’s seven p.m. in southern Florida, it’s storming, and I got no place to go but here. #best #Florida

Moses supposes his toes’s are roses but Moses supposes erroneously.


Two Mermaids Ring with Pearl